Practice Nurses

Group Nurse Manager

Louise Marriott

Group Paramedic

Donna Lawson

Emergency Nurse Practitioner

Nicole Seabrook

Practice Nurses – St Thomas Health Centre

Heather Baker, Jude Wright, Rachel Wilson, Julie Parnell, Debbie Ebdon, Jo Todd, Sarah Tiley, Lisa Montgomery, Sally Johns, Kim Knight, Rebecca Page and Emily Reynolds.

Our nurses are assisted by our Health Care Assistants: Jeanette Burch, Lynn Chave, Julie Main, Sarah Burch and Jenna Salter.

Practice Nurses – Exwick Health Centre

Lyn Short and Sally Davis.

Our Nurses are assisted by Health Care Assistant Rachel Banks..

Practice Nurses – Student Health Centre

Sarah Bell, Noreen Collins, Clare Nicholls Jo Twose and Katherine Bishop.

Our Nurses are assisted by Health Care Assistants: Kate Sampson and Jenna Salter