Practice Nurses


Group Advanced Nurse Practitioners

James Stevenson, Emily Presence, Jo Twose, Helen Foster

They are experienced Advanced Nurse Practitioners (ANP). They will perform a similar and complimentary role to that of the GPs and are qualified to prescribe from a full range of medications. They will concentrate on the assessment and treatment of patients requiring same day access to the surgery and are experienced in consulting with patients of all ages.


Group Nurse Practitioner

Nicole Carr


Group Paramedics

Donna Lawson, Julia Taylor


Practice Nurses – St Thomas Health Centre

Heather Baker, Jude Wright, Rachel Wilson, Julie Parnell, Debbie Ebdon, Lisa Montgomery, Sally Johns, Kim Knight, Rebecca Templeton, Cheryl Carpenter, Jodie Drew, Madeline Gwilt, Stanislava Ongouya.

Our nurses are assisted by our Health Care Assistants: Lyn Chave, Ruta Kacenaite, Angie Galpin,  and Jenna Salter. They are also assisted by our Phlebotomists: Sylvia Costigan, Sammii Hows, and Lucy Brailey.


Practice Nurses – Exwick Health Centre

Lynn Short and Sally Davis.

Our Nurses are assisted by Health Care Assistant Rachel Banks.


Practice Nurses – Student Health Centre

Jodie Drew, Stanislava Ongouya, Cheryl Carpenter.

Our Nurses are assisted by Health Care Assistants: Angie Galpin and Ruta Kacenaite. They are also assisted by our Phlebotomists: Sylvia Costigan and Sammii Hows.