Influenza Immunisation

Influenza is an acute viral infection of the respiratory tract. It is an unpleasant illness for all people but in particular it can cause severe symptoms and even death in certain ‘at risk’ groups.

Annual influenza vaccination is therefore recommended to protect those most at risk if they develop the illness. NHS Choices outlines who should have a flu jab and explains side-effects that you may experience.


Covid Vaccination Leaflet Click Here

Details of the St Thomas Medical Group’s schedule for immunisation for Autumn 2022 are displayed below,

Adult Flu information

This is even more important this year due to the on-going COVID 19 Pandemic. We are holding Flu Clinics during September at St Thomas Health Centre. Please telephone 01392 676676 to book your appointment. Do not turn up if you have not booked an appointment and please turn up at your allocated time. Please wear a face covering.

Thank you for your patience. STMG

 Child Flu Information

Please click on the link below for more information.  We are holding Child Flu Clinics during September at St Thomas Health Centre.

Child FLU information

5 reasons poster

protecting your child against flu 2022