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Dr Watson and Dr Wise, both St Thomas GP’s, are trained and accredited to perform No-Scalpel Vasectomy.  They are members of the Association of Surgeons in Primary Care (ASPC) and have provided more than 4500 procedures at St Thomas Health Centre since the clinic opened in 2003.

The St Thomas Vasectomy Clinic is an accredited training practice and Dr Wise has taken on the role of principal trainer.

We accept referrals from Devon GPs and try to provide an appointment within 3 months.

To minimize the impact on your working week we offer a telephone consultation, usually in the evening or on a Saturday.

If you decide to go ahead, operations are offered on Friday or Saturday morning to allow recovery over the weekend before the next working week.

St Thomas Vasectomy Clinic provide a dedicated advice and support line for any questions or queries that you may have before and after your vasectomy.

Please find Vasectomy Leaflet below

Vasectomy leaflet

NEW Vas Introduction letter to men. 6 MW

Vas Pre-op advice to men. 3

Vasectomy Post op recovery advise to Men

Vasectomy post op sperm count advice 2 weeks notice