Maternity Services

If you have found out you are pregnant please book an appointment with your own GP. They will talk to you about smoking, diet and alcohol. We always check that women are taking folic acid during the first 12 weeks of their pregnancy and it is also advised that you take regular vitamin D in pregnancy.

They will ask you to book an appointment with the midwife.

Our midwives see women between 8 – 12 weeks of pregnancy. They will talk about previous pregnancies and do your blood pressure and take a urine test. They also take some blood tests. They will arrange for a scan to be done at 12 weeks. If you need to see the hospital consultant, they will arrange this. Another routine scan is done at 20 weeks to check on the baby’s progress. As your pregnancy progresses, you will be offered appointments when the midwife feels it is necessary. She will sometimes come to visit you at home.

  • You may be referred to the hospital consultant if needed.
  • You can choose where you want to deliver your baby. This can be done at home if everything has gone well.
  • You will then be offered an appointment when your baby is 8 weeks old for a routine check.