During the Covid-19 pandemic here at St Thomas we are currently following national guidelines to offer initial telephone appointments with a physiotherapist rather than face to face.

These physiotherapists are experienced practitioners and based at the practice. Research has shown that you can expect to be given high quality evidence-based advice and information about musculoskeletal pain, which can be enough to help you manage your recovery without further help. However if you do need follow up with a course of physiotherapy, or further investigation by a doctor, this will be arranged for you.

If you do need a referral for further care please be aware that waiting times can be longer due to the pandemic, but that the NHS still aims to address anything urgent as quickly as possible.

Self Help

Make wise decisions about your treatment:

Choosing wisely as a patient or a carer

What to look for from your health professional:

Fill in this questionnaire before your first session with a physiotherapist and email to or tell the clinician you have it filled out.

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Understand pain – help from leading experts:

5 minute video

Longer more in depth video

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· learn strategies to help with persistent pain

· understand back pain and sciatica

· understand joint health and how to improve it

· be smart about introducing lifestyle changes such as exercise, and weight loss