Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy (OT)

The daily meaningful routines and activities we carry out are what Occupational Therapists describe as ‘Occupations’. Occupational Therapy provides practical support to empower people to facilitate recovery and overcome barriers preventing them from doing the activities (or occupations) that matter to them. This can involve supporting people and families with managing long term conditions, giving advice on safety within the home and signposting to other useful services.


Cassie Ludlam BSc (Hons) MRCOT


Cassie has worked as an Occupational Therapist for over 18 years in a variety of acute and community settings, spanning across physical and mental health. Her area of interest is frailty, and she is currently training to be an Advanced Clinical Practitioner. In her spare time, she is dedicated to family life and is passionate about dog rescue and rehabilitation.

Cassie currently works with frail people over the age of 18, who require more urgent input to maintain their independence. She also carries out Comprehensive Geriatric Assessments in her Trainee Advanced Clinical Practitioner role, with those people who are severely frail.

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