Repeat Dispensing Scheme

If your repeat medication rarely changes then you may consider joining the Repeat Dispensing Scheme. This Scheme enables your GP to issue enough prescriptions to cover you until your next birthday, then your medication will be reviewed and, if still stable, your GP will issue enough medication to cover you for the next twelve months.

This will save you numerous trips to the Surgery to request your medication as it will be waiting for you to collect at the Pharmacy of your choice.

Your chosen pharmacy will hold the master prescription and supply your repeat medication each month. When the last supply is given, probably near your birthday, the pharmacy should prompt you to contact the surgery and arrange for a further prescription to be generated. Your GP may then ask you to have a blood test or blood pressure check and then an appointment to see if your medications are right for you.

Should you like to know more about this Scheme please contact your GP, his Secretary or your local Pharmacist.

Prescription requests must be in writing – either posted through our letter box, via your pharmacy or by email :

Please allow 5 working days from the date of your request for the prescription to be processed before contacting your nominated pharmacy.

If you have any queries regarding your medication please contact the prescribing team direct