Fit Note Update

Fit Note Update

The UK Government has announced that from the 10th December 2021, a fit note (sick note) is not required unless you are off work for more than 28 days. This is a temporary change to the usual 7-day rule, to allow us to prioritise the coronavirus (COVID-19) booster campaign.

From 10 December 2021

If you are absent due to sickness for 28 calendar days or less (including weekends), you do not need a fit note and you can self-certify for this period of sickness. If your sickness absence lasts for longer than 28 calendar days, you should contact us to request a fit note from your GP (you may be asked to book an appointment).

Before 10 December 2021

If your sickness absence started before the 10th December, you will need to self-certify for the first 7 days. After this you will need to contact us to request a fit note.