St Thomas Medical Group

Want to know more about your medicines?

If you are taking monthly medication, then a new initiative is to have your regular pharmacist (where accredited) provide a “medication usage review”.  As the name implies it is a check up on how you are benefiting from your medicines and it could be compared to the annual MOT for the car, which can uncover unexpected queries.

The patient will have to make an appointment with their pharmacist to sit down in a quiet area of the shop and go through the list of their medicines.  It will take about 15 minutes.

Because this service is new, you may ask why it is necessary when you are getting quality care from your own doctor.  The medication usage review is complementary to the work of your doctor.  The pharmacist has a different expertise from the doctor and will concentrate exclusively on how you are managing to take your medicines, are they helping you, whether there any side effects, if you have a lot of drugs, whether any could reasonably be stopped.  Would you benefit from any other medicines, within local and national guidelines?

The pharmacist will share the results of this review only with yourself, your chosen carers and your own doctor in the form of a proposed action plan aiming to maximise the benefit of the medicines that you are taking.  The final decision on whether to act upon these recommendations rests with you and your GP.