St Thomas Medical Group

Telephone Advice

Phone Advice

Do you have a query about your medication?

You may not need an appointment.  Ask the Secretary to leave a message for your Doctor.

Do you need another sick note?

Not sure if the doctor needs to see you again?

Please ask the Secretary to leave a message for your doctor asking if he/she needs to see you before issuing another note.

Are you worried about the results of a test you've had done?

The Doctor may be able to explain the results over the telephone rather than you coming in to the Surgery.  Please leave a telephone number where you can be reached.

Do you recognise this?

All I need to ask the doctor is if it's OK to stop taking my tablets now that the pain/rash/symptons etc has gone - I wonder if I need to go all the way to the Surgery for an appointment for that...?

You probably don't need an appointment.  To save you and your Doctor's time this could probably be dealt with over the telephone.  Ask the Secretary to leave a message for your Doctor or Nurse to ring you back.  Hopefully advice over the telephone is all that you need.

Need to telephone for test results?

Our telephone lines are really busy first thing in the morning with appointments.  It would be really helpful if you could wait until after 11am for the results of any recent test.

Please Note

It is important that we do not interrupt a doctor during a consultation with another patient unless it is medically urgent.  You may be asked to ring back at a more convenient time or we may be able to telephone you later.  Please ensure that we have a correct and up to date telephone number.