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Summary Care Records

St Thomas Health Centre offers its patients the choice of having a Summary Care Record. 

The new NHS Summary Care Record has been introduced to help deliver better and safer care and give you more choice about who you share your healthcare information with.

What is the NHS Summary Care Record?
The Summary Care Record contains basic information about:

  • any allergies you may have
  • unexpected reactions to medications
  • any prescriptions you have recently received

The intention is to help clinicians in A & E Departments and ‘Out of Hours’ health services to give you safe, timely and effective treatment. Clinicians will only be allowed to access your record if they are authorised to do so and, even then, only if you give your express permission. You will be asked if healthcare staff can look at your Summary Care Record every time they need to, unless it is an emergency, for instance if you are unconscious. You can refuse if you think access is unnecessary.

Children under the age of 16
Patients under 16 years will not receive this form, but will have a Summary Care Record created for them unless their GP surgery is advised otherwise. If you are the parent or guardian of a child then please either make this information available to them or decide and act on their behalf. Ask the surgery for additional forms if you want to opt them out.


  • If you are happy for a Summary Care Record to be set up for you then you need take no further action
  • f you want to opt out of The Summary Care Record please download and complete the form below and hand it in to Reception as soon as possible.

Download Summary Care Record Opt Out Form

Summary Care Record Further Information