St Thomas Medical Group

Repeat Dispensing Scheme

Are your monthly medicines always the same?

If your repeat medication rarely changes, then you would be ideally suited to a new service called “repeat dispensing”.  With the Doctor’s agreement, a prescription would be generated that can run to your next birthday and review date.

Your chosen pharmacy will hold the master prescription and usually the monthly forms for each subsequent repeat. You will need to contact this pharmacy each month so that they can give you further supplies, until you start the next repeat dispensing prescription, which you can take to any pharmacy.

When the last repeat is dispensed, probably near your birthday, the pharmacy should prompt you to contact the surgery and arrange for a further repeat dispensing prescription to be generated, which will include a full review of your medication and any blood tests or monitoring, during the period before the next supply is required.

While the repeat dispensing prescription is still active, which can be for up to 12 months, you will not need to go back to the surgery for further supplies of your usual medicines.  If you are otherwise unwell, then you should arrange to see your doctor in the usual way.

The new service should be more convenient for you the patient and it should reduce the pressure on receptionist staff at the surgery.  Remember that the pharmacist is always available to ask you how you are getting on with your repeat medication and to answer any drug queries that you may have.  Any questions arising will be shared with your regular doctor.

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